I am a huge advocate for free from food ranges.  I think they are great. Yet I do think they also impose a risk.  Read why!

Should 'free from' food labelling be made clearer?

I really hope the research is correct.  A pet can be a great gift for anyone, but especially a child.  Please have a read & leave a comment with your thoughts :) 

Can Pets Prevent Allergies in Children?

As the Tribunal Judge ruled on the 3rd January 2020 that Veganism is a protected belief in law, can the same be made for food allergens?

Can food allergen protection become an ethical belief?

I spoke to Elisa, a woman in Brazil who provides food for children in schools within her catering company.

Brazilian Food Law for Allergy Sufferers

As Christmas 2019 has come to an end I wanted to reflect on what I learnt and tips I would like to share to make 2020 even better!

Take Away Tips I Discovered for Surviving the Festive Season with an Allergy