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Author of 'A Little Nut's Guide to Coping with Food Allergies'


One in five food samples contain a hidden allergen

January, 24th 2020

The Times

Ryan Watts, Will Humphries, Ben Ellery, Andrew Ellson

Extended shelf life of 4 months for certain batch numbers of Epipen

January, 3rd 2020

The Allergy UK

Food allergies in children are rising

November, 14th 2019

The Independent,

Sophie Gallagher

Natasha's Law will come into force on the 1st October 2021 to better protect allergy sufferers

January, 23rd 2020

Food Standards Agency

Emerade Pen update

Tragic death of Shante Turay-Thomas, 18

December, 8th 2019

The Sunday Times,

Jon Ungoed-Thomas

A breakthrough for peanut allergy sufferers

January, 9th 2020

Medpage Today

John Gever

Great news for Epipen expiry dates

November, 15th 2019

Allergy UK



Hi I'm Octavia!

I have suffered from a severe nut allergy since the age of 5.  

I have created this website as a result of writing a bestseller book 'A Little Nut's Guide to Coping with Food Allergies'.  This site is to provide a community for all allergy sufferers. It is also a suitable platform for anyone to visit to find out what a food allergy is all about!

I provide up to date food allergy news, tips on how to cope with a food allergy as well as nutritious and yummy meals whatever your diet restrictions!

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A Little Nut's Guide to Coping with Food Allergies


My first non-fiction book is here! I am so happy to be able to share my experiences, tips and advice for coping with a food allergy to others.

Whether you are a food allergy sufferer or know someone who is this book is a must read! Every chapter has been written to the different type of reader.  I understand that food allergies affect almost everyone, whether directly or indirectly.  Therefore to gain a true understanding of the differernt type of reader I have included perspectives from different people which include their advice, tips and experiences.  The advice ranges from mothers to flight attendants so it really is for anyone. The book also comes with some delicious allergen friendly recipes, sweet & savoury!

The aim is to create an awareness around food allergies and a greater understanding.  This is so that allergy sufferers can feel safe when they are out and never have to feel like an inconvenience, something which I have felt.

I really hope you enjoy reading! Please review on Amazon or send me an email below with any feedback or questions.  I would love to hear from all of you! x